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diagram CP CP40 CP50 CP35 NCP80 CP80 NCP100 PCP80 PCP100
Pump body, impeller, the console and partition walls are made of high quality cast iron. Headset shaft is of alloy, stainless steel. Mechanical seal is a product of the world's most famous manufacturers. Circulator pumps COMPREX are mounted directly in pipeline of hot water heating system or in some branches of the pipeline. Connection with the pipeline pump is realized through standard flange NP6 (for CP and CPL) or NP16 (for PCP and PCPL) for the corresponding nominal diameter of DN, but the pipeline DN must be identical to the DN pump. Diagram CPL CPL40 CPL65 CPL80 PCPL80 PCPL100

On the suction side piping connection is achieved with sealing ring and 4 screws with nuts, and the discharge side with 4 screws that come with the pump. For a peaceful and silent operation it is desirable that the pumps are installed in the flat part of the pipeline or at a distance from the knee at least 5 to 10 x DN ..

Fitted to both the pressure and in the return line, with the lowest absolute pressure in the system must behigher than the vapor pressure at operating temperature. Pumps can be installed in all positions except in position with the engine down.

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