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VVP pumpaCOMPREX multistage pumps are constructed as
vertical -VVP model (VVP1, VVP3, VVP5)i
horizontal - HVP model (HVP1, HVP3, HVP5) and are designed primarily for:

  • supply of drinking and Domestic (sanitary or technological) with water
  • supply of small and medium-sized boilers
  • to enhance water pressure in water mains
  • for agricultural irrigation

Pumps can be used for both cold and hot water for up to 140 ° C.
With regard to horizontal multistage pumps, vertical advantage is that they can be placed in a very small area..

Pump shaft is associated with the rotor driving electric motor through the coupling. This allows easy disassembly and reassembly of electric motors, without dismantling the pump partl.
ZPump shaft sealing is carried out with mechanical seal world's most famous manufacturers. VVP Dijagran VVP1 Dijagram vvp1 dijagram hfjhjf VVP Dijagran VVP1 VVP3 VVP5 Especially refrigeration sealant is not necessary even when the pump is used for hot water .

Pump parts are made of high quality cast iron, except that the rotors and spacers, brass bushings, and the pump shaft and bushing radial sliding bearings made of stainless steel.

The electro motors are three phase, two pole (2900 rpm), with the degree of protection IP 44 according to IEC.
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