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COMPREX is manufacturing hydro cells as::

  • Hydro cells (booster) HS, intended for regular water supply of high buildings and high-altitude zone of the water network.
  • Fire-fighting hydro cells - PPHS.

Typical Comprex booster HS are equipped with two identical pump model VVP. Regulation of pressure is done by using pressure control (pressing switches) where the pressure in the installation varies between two predetermined values.

In addition to pumps, are integral control cabinet of booster set and, Pressure switches, two manometers, hydro vessels with the membrane, as well as reinforcing elements with pipe connections for water supply. All the constituent elements are attached to the base which provides convenient transport and easy installation.

In order to achieve finer control of pressure in the water supply installation, upon request, we produce booster sets with frequency regulation FRHS. Frequency regulators receive the signal via the pressure transmitter, maintaining approximately constant pressure in installation which is achieved by changing the number of revolutions of the pump. Besides the fine regulation of pressure, it is possible to get a certain amount of electricity, as well as reduces wear pumps.

The fire-fighting booster sets PPHS, are built using the same type of VVP pumps. These booster sets have in the control cabinet the "test-start "unit, i.e., short turn every 24 hours that the pump would not have burnt the non-use, and as a general check of operational readiness.

The choice of booster sets for the flow and the head is done with the help of a diagram.