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In the picture first team OK Comprex with coach Alexander Marovic

Men's volleyball club COMPREX was founded in Valjevo 15.10.2001. year and registered the decision of the Ministry of Education and Sports Republic of Serbia under no. 661-02-1672/2001-11 of 05.11.2001. year. Entered in the Register under the number of sports organizations. 9572. and registered Decision no. 349/01. from 15.11.2001. The Volleyball Federation of Serbia and the activity code 92622, registration number: 17364740, PIB: 106198994.

After ten years of work, competition in the lower ranks, the club is taking first place in the regional league won a place in Second republic league of Serbia.

The figure women's champion kata team and coach Dragan Gane Mitrovic, karate master third Dan.

As one of the largest karate club in the former Yugoslavia (over 400 members), Karate Club COMPREX won the organization of Serbian championship in karate for juniors. Championship was held in Valjevo in 1992.

Conductor maestro George Pavlovic,
concert master Igor Vasiljevic,
vocalist Sanja Kerkez soprano

At the time when Serbia is experiencing a difficult period of isolation and boycott, we have created and funded the work of Serbian Chamber Choir and Orchestra with the aim to promote the culture of Serbia in the world and go beyond the boundaries of which have been closed. Special emphasis is placed on the performance of new works by contemporary composers
Concert Serbian Chamber Choir and Orchestra in the great hall of the Foundation of Ilija M. Kolarac 10/31/1995

Svetislav Bozic, composer
Milovan Pancic, conductor

"Serbian Chamber Orchestra and its artistic director ĐorđePavlović, have made and are key steps in its repertoire elevate, protect and cherish Serbian art music, with the undisguised intention of our authors, but almost classics, live in their race with honor, due to a large dimension thoughts and work of Serbian culture and its history. "

The picture (right) Stjepko Gut, Ed Thigpen world renowned American jazz drummer as a guest of Comprex, and owner of Comprex Mr Matijašević

Jazz is everywhere and always the "slum" segment of the music. Without the help of jazz fans which include Comprex, many more would not be even the Jazz Festival in Valjevo or Summertime Jazz fetival in Belgrade.
Petnica Science Center (PSC) near Valjevo is a world renowned institution for gathering and training of young talents, which form the basis for the formation of youth in many scientific disciplines, mainly oriented towards the natural sciences.

Team best and most talented programmers in the awards which provide Comprex after of Championship of Serbia in Programming.

Pioneers of Comprex, champions of the New Year inside football tournament